There's no doubt that he's self-centred.

I apologize for disturbing you like this.


They speak English a lot, especially the educated people.

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That way I'll have time to talk to you afterwards.

Nathaniel only wears a suit on special occasions.

It absolutely wasn't Sugih who went with him to the art gallery.

Why was Annard told that?

I saw the man knocked down by a car.


I know what that means.

Help me with the wash.

When are you walking home?

We are experiencing a difficult and tragic time in the history of our country.

Sofoklis invited me over for coffee.

Tracey thinks that all Asians look the same.

He will come if he has a mind to.

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Margie and Tahsin must really hate each other.

I think what you want is over here.

It's an old custom.

I'm no longer angry at you.

I will lend you some money, on condition that you will repay it in a week.

Instead of going myself, I sent a letter.

Polly's kids are going on a field trip to the zoo tomorrow.

I want you to help her.

Chuck died in the explosion.

I didn't know you were that kind of a person.

We're at war with Japan.


We lost the bet.

I'm not the only one who thinks you're stupid.

How about a rain check?

"Why are you grinning like that?" "That female high-school student I just passed by was really cute."

Himawan told me a strange story.


We saw Phill talking to Krzysztof.

What's the colour of her hair?

I want to work as a volunteer to make amends for everything I've done.


East or West, home is best.


I didn't even kiss her.

It'll take two hours to get there by bus.

Every one of us who ridiculed his business plan as a bunch of hokum should be embarrassed we did.

I'll figure out a way to fix this. Don't worry.

Asian religions inspire him to create splendid sculptures.

Nobody seems to know where Jean is.

Mother is cooking in the kitchen.


You are expected to dress well for this shop.

It took me a long time to get over it.

Cathrin wanted to have a bigger house than his neighbor.

You are not looking!

I cannot see him without thinking of my brother.

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Would you come to the cinema with me?


How do you explain what Pilot did?

He flat-out lied.

For how many nights?

He was punished for child abuse.

She has been dead for ten years.

I will teach you a tough lesson!

Your name has come up a few times.

Consisting of bacon and cheese, the sandwich was quite greasy.

The present password is "eosdigital".

Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.

He is skillful in teaching pupils.


I want you to work with her.

The police have decided to look into the case.

What's the square root of 100?

How did you become interested in studying languages?

That was hard.

Her mediation put an end to our quarrel.

Is Malcolm still in Boston?

I didn't think Jerrie would want to go with us.

Brown himself did not want to escape.


What do you really know about Nichael?

I had some things to take care of.

I've been trying to find out who is responsible for maintaining this road.


When Michel saw Sonja naked, she started laughing.


I am tied to my mother's apron strings.

I can try it.

Tanaka looked at Ralph and then winked at her.

Rayan caught a big fish.

Dan finally released his hostage after two days of captivity.

I'm not sure you'll have enough time to do everything we've asked you to do.

The moon doesn't have light of its own.

There are many orange groves in Florida.

She was bleeding profusely from the head.

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We're looking out for them.

Besides the rain, we experienced heavy winds.

I can resist everything but temptation.

Tyler wasn't babbling.

What are they armed with?

You're depressing me.

They have enough capital to build a second factory.


He gave me a wink.

I've just received some good news.

He is not an American.

Jennifer made up his mind to be a firefighter.

Pedro has a motorcycle and loves to ride it.


His claim is that there is a close relation between birth order and personality.

Who was your first crush?

He is inclined to make light of his father's advice.

This isn't your fight.

Saumya would tell the unhappy subcontractors who demanded full payment, in the amount they had previously agreed upon, to sue him in court.

When I saw you, I thought you were the most ugly thing I've ever seen in my life.

I'm not used to this kind of competition.

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Please call me at nine AM.

Sheila hasn't changed his mind.

The flower pot crashed to the sidewalk.

Please do the work at your own convenience.

I'm going to write a sentence in German.


Let me pick up the check.

Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work.

I'm feeling fit.

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The book costs 4 dollars.

Tell Alvin I'll do it.

It happens.


It's what we deserve.

Leung's sentences are very long.

I thought Moe lived in this neck of the woods.

I'm not able to fix the computer.

My life hasn't been the same since I met him.

Martyn seems courteous.

This is the first time for me to eat here.

As soon as he graduated, he went to work in his father's general store.

He is in good temper.

I'm dehydrated.

The lake is ten miles about.

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I'm just here to help them out.

It could take hours.

Konstantinos nodded his head and left.

Many bees died during the winter.

Why don't you talk it over with Norbert?

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They're typical youngsters.

Kylo is a weird guy.

I know how we can make a lot of money.


If you want to answer the phone, stay home.

We left no stone unturned.

Tomorrow is not promised.

How did you find the keys?

What sort of things make you feel sad?


We study English, and that subject is important today.

Not trying is failing.

The soccer game is tomorrow.


You have got a lot of nerve.

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Of course he lied.

She has many faults.

I have to be punished.

Pamela suggested that you might enjoy going to the zoo with us.

He attended the meeting for his father.

You may find it useful.

That pool really looks inviting.

I'm immune.

He doesn't like coffee.

Can you reissue them right away?

When was the last time you saw Gunnar alive?

I can't stand this cold.

Playing rugby, he got injured.

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She did not come even as far as my house.

Can you see him moving?

Where does it leave from?

Pandora thinks there's a good chance that Lord will say yes.

The problem was beyond me.

Barsoom Garden is the biggest botanical garden on Mars.

He will try it.


At first he did not realize that he had won the speech contest.

That was it.

Liber cried when I left.


Did you buy anything for her?


I need to meet your boss.

Jelske and I had a great time.

I reacted instinctively.


I intend to give this to them.