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I just want it to actually happen.


Miriam goes to the barber less than four times a year.


Renu offered glasses of wine to John and Joon.


There's lighting right now.

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No other river in Japan is longer than the Shinano.


Until several years ago, I thought about nothing but work all day and night.

Carsten is surviving.

I had to stay home.


As I see it, that is the best way.

By chance, I ran into an old friend in Tokyo.

We invite you to listen to us again.

Do people really pay you to do this?

Christopher showed Matti around the office.

What's WhatsApp?

You can take whichever way you like.


It's quite a big deal, isn't it?

I rediscovered the importance of constant efforts.

Your friends are waiting for you.

I spoke with Trevor's assistant.

He's the silent type.

He was patience itself.

Spencer doesn't know you were helping me.


In my country, people can't stand others who are more intelligent than them.

Miyuki has a camera, but she doesn't like it.

I have more work to do.

How do you expect me to do this?

Ted asked me three questions.

My brothers are under the tree.

The password should have a minimum of six characters.


The sparrow was killed by the cat.

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That's likely a misprint.


That doesn't really seem appropriate right now.

Could we go somewhere quiet and talk?

The boy lost his way in the forest.

Let's double check.

Nothing is more wretched than a man who traverses everything in a round, and pries into the things beneath the earth, as the poet says, and seeks by conjecture what is in the minds of his neighbours, without perceiving that it is sufficient to attend to the demon within him, and to reverence it sincerely.

The gift delighted the Indians very much.

Marcel said you were sick.


Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes.


For several entries, there are direct phone numbers.

He wrote this book in a very short time, spending just two weeks working on it.

If you look carefully, you'll see that the box has a false bottom.

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That's my favorite shirt.

You seemed stressed.

We're trying to think positive.


I spent the entire day on the beach.

It's not my problem. It's yours.

He hung an old, wooden oar on his wall as a decoration.

I was terrible.

The city is often regarded as the most cultured and cosmopolitan city north of London.

The man must work.

Life without you makes no sense.

Donn just got out of surgery.

Let's hope the support arrives on time.

Hardly anyone thinks that we are sisters.

Is it a general custom in your country?


You'll find our house at the end of the next street.

Sanford loves this.

This spacecraft is powered by ion thrusters.

The train was full of passengers.

Caroline usually goes to bed before midnight.


We have no complaints.


I cannot give you a definite answer today.


With whom do I have the honor?

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The dog pricked up his ears at the sound.

Is somebody going to let me in?

This is where I brought my girlfriend on our first date.

You are not entitled to attend the meeting.

That's a horrible thing to say.

Don't talk to her.

"You're blushing!" "No, I'm not."

Rick likes Jess, but he's too shy to talk to her.

I finished the work finally.

Black hens lay white eggs.

The successor to the throne was killed.

Everywhere seems to be crowded.

Corporate political donations are coming under heavy scrutiny.


Micah tried to persuade Spass to quit smoking.


I'm trying to get some sleep.

She was not sure what to do.

Malaclypse isn't the right girl for you.

You have to stop helping Matt.

I've been busy all day.

The sky darkened.

Which seat do you want please?

On leaving school, he went into business.

Matthias wondered when Martin would arrive.

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Tracy's husband always helps with the grocery shopping because she finds walking difficult.

That's very elitist of you.

This lake is deepest at this point.

The hostess couldn't possibly put up with his arrogance.

I have pain when urinating.

The prices are subject to change without notice.

Get out of my life!

What makes you think Clarissa won't be here today?

I never thought I'd want more.

She is loved by him.

You've been letting me win, haven't you?

They resolved to work harder.

I will do it according to your instructions.

In the summer, the temperature ranges from thirty to forty degrees Celsius.

I look forward to seeing you.

Heinz built his own house.

OK, this is nothing we can't handle.

We've been fine, by and large.

I'm used to no-one liking me, and when someone does, I don't know how to act and I end up ruining it.


Give it to Jianyun.


He's lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.


Saqib is in a suit.

Angus works too hard.

That's my wish.


The city supplied the needy with blankets.

I've never told anyone why I have trouble sleeping.

Will you be home next weekend?

This road will take you to the post-office.

I motioned for her to sit down.

We should go talk to them.

You are still at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

He even referred to the origin of life.

He came to Japan as a child.

This watch is superior to that one.

He jumped about the room.


She debated about his offer.


I've heard that sound before.

I prefer coffee and toast for breakfast.

Do you know what Hartmann does in his spare time?

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It'll get worse.


Is death the only way out?

Maybe you can tell me what's going on.

Do I still get paid?


I explained the rules of the game to them.

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I only have ten books.


Glenn wasn't concentrating.

It will do you good to live in the country.

Who will try the case?


I would like to see Erick.


I like your last name. Can I take it?

Marek explained the purpose of the project to Marnix.

He's really interested in biology.

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The plane we boarded was bound for San Francisco.


The policeman signaled the car to stop with a flashlight.


Is that accurate?

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He wore a mask so no one would recognize him.

Jaime's car was towed by the police.

Could you tell me your mobile number please?


I'm going to do you a favor.

Skef is in a meeting with Sal.

Our monthly income has to cover food, rent, clothing, transportation, and so on.

It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.

It doesn't matter to me whether she comes here or not.

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It may be that he is not a bad man.

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On weekends, many people work instead of having a rest.


Wilmer has told me all about it.

Nobody is there right now.

Hello. May I talk to Mr Johnson, please?