The Teachers: No Gate is Locked to You Where You Are

No experience you want or wish for is truly closed to you.

We are revisiting a blog post from a year ago about gates: 2679926923 Deborah was not able to enter the gates of a magnificent Elizabethan garden she came across in her travels to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Althought well known to locals, it was beautiful,  beguiling, and new for her! A rich discovery. There are many reasons she wanted to enter it, including her interest in gardens and its historical connections, but for the most part, she felt a strong desire to enter it. At that time, the gardens were closed and the gates locked.

But she pondered how really no gates are truly closed.  You can be lifted over perceived barriers in your life in so many ways. The gates were ornate and  offered a peak inside. From that, she was able to imagine and dream how beautiful it must be.

Now a year later, we urged her to revisit the gardens, as she was back in the area on vacation. Upon her arrival, what awaited her in place of the ornate gates (which were being repaired) were temporary ones. And the garden was open!


Our goal is to bring you something fresh with each day. Although we might not write in this blog each day, we hope you are finding fresh inspiration each day. And we hope that makes sense to you. For we are here with you now, and wish to bring you all sorts of good news.

Now, we know that not all of you can hear or read (as the case may be) our words, so they can be of benefit of you. You may be dealing with challenges that affect your ability to hear or read, but we hope to get through to you, nevertheless. Each day, we work in some way to get through to you for you are never lost to us, you never disappear from OUR view. For our work is to help shepherd you, and guide you to the places you want to go.

We know that this blog and the internet have challenges, as so many want to interrupt, if not corrupt, the good that is being done out there. And we are really concerned about that. First, you must learn to discern when you are hearing or reading the truth in the matter, then you must parse out all static and interruptions designed to keep you guessing, and frustrating the attempts of those like us, who are happily endeavoring to teach you and reach you. But you can win! You can reign supreme in this game by remembering how loved you are, and how hard we, and others like us, are working to reach you and help you with your lives.

Never give up and never give in. In fact, where would we be without you? What good would all this teaching do, if you were not there to receive it? That is our point in this blog. YOU so help make the world go around. When you connect with our words and with your true purpose, it is such a shining light outward to others, and indeed a shining light WITHIN you, too.

So , don’t despair when others are hacking and seem to ruin what you hoped would benefit you in some way. The benefit never can go away. How could that be the case?


snowy-pine-1406873-640x960“Now, there was a lonely tree in a field somewhere, and Christmas dawned and it wanted to be of service…

 … It made itself known, not by flapping its branches for passers-by to see, but by standing there — serene, beautiful and calm. A postcard, if you will, of beauty, serenity and a winter scene to surpass many others.  I walked by and was quite taken with it.

I approsnowbird-1356663-640x480ached, and little bird sitting atop called to me as if to welcome me on this Christmas morning. ‘Why do you not see all this beauty? Why do you pass by? We are here each day of the year. Yet you have eyes only to see us when we are snow-dappled and it is Christmastime. Can you not see more, can you not do better, my friend?’ Well, I was taken aback, for I had never had a bird speak to me, and certainly not in that tone before. Indignant, I moved away, but I got thinking about it a while and realized how right that little bird was. Why was I blind to such beauty during the rest of the year, and so willing and able to see it only at Christmastime? What thoughts and preoccupations blinded me to what was plainly before me?

Now, I returned to that tree and sat under it. I enjoyed the downy grass mounded around the tree trunk, and cushioned me as I sat. I listened to that bird all day. It sang and told me tales, and brought me closer to understanding what long winter nights out there were like, under the stars, moon and passing clouds. I wondered at all this beauty, and how I could have missed it.

Now I schedule time each day to look, look and look! And to go places, and receive, and drink in all the beauty around me. All this I must do before my days end here, and I see like this no more. I will like to transition to my next home, but there is so much to see, and do, and be … right here, too. I must make better use of my time.

Now I schedule time each day to look, look and look!

I must offer my whole heart and hand in all that I do for others. I must want to offer, and to give in the process. I am learning about that. That is my Christmas gift for others … to REALIZE what I must bring to the table of life, and what I can give and give right now. Waiting for a season, waiting for an opportunity, is not the way to go. Be here now, and sing like that little bird through all the days and nights, never letting an opportunity pass. Being where I need to be, and being drawn there with my whole heart … that is my true work. I need not wait another day.  

That is my Christmas gift for others … to realize what I can give, and give right now.

So rejoice, my friends. Find your tree of life, and don’t tarry elsewhere when your tree awaits, growing strong and full. Your bird will guide you, too. You will hear its clarion call and whistle and tweet. You will approach, perhaps unsure at first, but ultimately with calm composure and assurance that all is well, and you are home. Really home … where you nest, in the arms of God and All that is. Now rest, my children. Take this holiday seriously and let it fill you with its love. Offer of your heart, and drink from your cups deeply. And good cheer to you all.”

christmas-card-1171294-638x349Our Christmas Eve Blessing upon you:  
Good night, and God Bless, and God keep you and be with you. In your deep hours of night, and through all your days, we are with you.

The Teachers: “When Doubt Prevails”

hands-1528222-639x852“We are not by nature doubters. How could we be? We must believe as if there is no other thing, no other activity, and no other purpose worth the doing. We are, you could say, adamant about that.”

“What good will it do to teach what we are teaching, and then say, ‘Hey, there is this one caveat … one exception to the whole deal.’? And what if we started to list what doesn’t pertain, or isn’t true about what we are saying, and in any given situation? What good would that do you, or us, for that matter?

We are not here lying to you or trying to convince you of something that is not good for you. We have no axes to grind, and we are not followers of some sect or observance that makes no sense either to you or your society. No, we are here now with you, and we have you by the hand, you could say, or you could think about it that way. We have you by the hand, as did your loving parents or other guides and helpers in your life. You know who they are. You can give in to that impulse to have your hand taken, and be led out into the sunlight once again. You do not have to feel any shame or even any confusion. For we are with you now. We are never separate from you and we never leave.

But what do we do when you are in the trenches, so to speak? Do we abandon you, and go off somewhere and have our nails done or hair arranged, or order up a new set of clothes, or feast on a meal somewhere, and then return, pompous and sure that you have been just fine, and didn’t need us, and then arrogantly say, “Well how is it going? Did you figure out everything you needed to? Did you get what you needed and wanted? Did you take care of any grief or worry?” Well, that is not how we operate. We just simply ARE. We never vary, and never leave you, and there is no variation in that truth. 


poppy-girls-1160544-640x960You have all too long been looking with eyes that are weary of what they see. There is so much more! So much more behind, inside and in between what you are seeing. What do we mean?

We mean that there is so much more out there and much, much more for you to explore. So why not get on with it? We would love that, and we will guide you in this journey if you will let us. We have nothing but love for you, at all times and all hours, our children. Why not read on and find out more about what we are teaching.

The Teachers: “Getting Where We Want to Be”

prayer-1230512-639x852In our previous posts, we have been concerned to clarify where we are. Now that we are here with you, that hardly needs clarification. Does it? Yet many of you are confused. There is no shame in that. You cannot conceive of a plan or a purpose that provides for YOU to be well-cared for and helped in everything you do.

You prefer to do the hard work all yourself, and then feel “outside” of the love and true care you really need. You ask, “Why do I have to do this all by myself? Does anyone hear my plaintiff call?”  We think you really like to feel like you are all on your own, and that no one truly understands or “gets” you. In that way, you can stay engrossed in yourself, rather than move on to things that are of real value and need in our world … all those who suffer and long to be helped, and to be heard. Where are you on that register? And on that scale? Are you bending your ears to listen? Do you have the ears to hear?

How can you hear the plaintiff call of others when you are always looking in the mirror or preoccupied with yourself? We do not mean to hurt your feelings or impugn what you love about yourself, and the care and attention you give to yourself. No, we are here to set you on a straight and true course that will lead you where you need to go. You cannot get what you are seeking, either for the comfort, joy and arrival of the things you have been waiting for and hoping for, if you are solely preoccupied with yourself. How could that be? You must look outward at your fellow humanity and ask, “How can I be of service? In what way can I function and change the direction of my thoughts to be of service to others?”

Without this, you may as well turn to stone for all the good it will do you. You will sit there like a fat and self- indulgent rock in the sun, wondering when it will all end, and when you can get on with the life you really wanted in the first place. You will soon start to cast away all that you ever acquired and built up and placed in a storage cabinets “in case” you would need it someday. For your someday never comes. Do you understand? It never really comes, because you are so busy WAITING for it. And you are not doing much else.

are-you-there-god-1505777-639x481Now, you can start to actualize YOU and what you came forth to do. That is one reason we are here with you now, as we keep saying. What does that mean? Does it mean we were here and then we weren’t? Do we really come and go like that? Well, no. We are ALWAYS HERE and EVER WILL BE, but where are YOU? Now that you think we are turning the tables on this discussion and maybe on you, well we aren’t. We are trying to get across an important principle, that of “transfiguration.”

What would it take for you to take on a new self? What would you need? Would you need a spiritual experience? Would you need to see something new that you can relate to and even desire to be? Would you need to be uplifted and embraced so as not to fall? What would you need, my children? In other words, transfiguration is something you may have to “figure out.” Forgive our pun, but we are in deep earnest about this subject. You simply cannot change WHO you are without a lot of groundwork, and we have been laying this out in our books so far. We have completed four, and there are more coming to help you on your passage to the better self you can be and the glorious shining life you deserve and really, we are not kidding here, truly want. We just know that about you. Why don’t you? Well, we think you do.

Now, transfiguration is a broad, deep and comprehensive topic. We will not attempt to cover that range here. And that is not a way to escape from getting across this important topic. No, we will need to devote a chapter or two in our writings about this to give you a lift up to what we mean by transfiguration. You will certainly need it, as few in your culture know what we mean, and even fewer have attempted it with any success. Yet it is not so difficult. No, it is not.

You may have been operating under misconceptions that no longer serve you about this concept. We are here for the purpose, at least a small part of our work is, to redefine and relocate on your “map,” so to speak, many of these “lost” or misplaced ideas. It is truly time for a redefining and a re-knowing, by that we mean a fresh and new understanding, of what you have come to “lean on” as truth, which perhaps does not now bear the march of time as well as you thought. There is no error here, only how you think about things and adapt to new things. And your culture is moving along at a frenetic pace with old ideas, if you will, falling hard along the way. Now, how do you pick them all up and resuscitate them? That would be hard indeed. And then if you do, do you know what you are doing? And then do you have the confidence to interpret them to others, or teach them, yet alone reflect them in your daily life? Well, that is what we are here to do.

We are here to give you new tools, and fresh new insight into old and familiar ideas that have tarnished through the passage of time, and we would like to say along with the attendant hypocrisy of so many in your culture who merely pretend to follow or understand such principles. So much must be restated, but also in a context that you can really understand. We hope you begin to understand what we mean. We have so much more to tell you about this, dear ones. Read on in future posts.  Your Teachers


The Teachers: “The Wilderness”

canadian-sunset-1256760-639x414Think of the gap between your moments — or your conscious registering of your moments — as a wilderness that you can explore, and fill with exciting, even providential things.

By the time you read this another moment will have gone by, and another. What are you doing in between? Are you thinking about your next moment and what you will do with it? Are you filling the gap with your list of recipes, and to do’s, and work to accomplish around the house? Are you mindful of these gaps? Are you taking them for granted? And what gaps might exist between moments anyway? Now, that is an interesting question.

When we write about moments and gaps, we are writing allegorically, for how could there be gaps between moments? They are seamless or at least should feel that way. But you only really have these moments of your time-1425625-640x765life. You can not really have anything else, though you tend to fool yourself into thinking so. So if we propose the idea of a gap in between, we think that helps you get on with the idea that you must fill your time wisely, and you must be aware of the precious opportunity that exists in each moment of your life.

Now, how better to explain this to you? Well, you could think of the gap between your moments, or your conscious registering of your moments, as a wilderness that you can explore and/or fill with exciting things … we could say providential things. By that we mean, things that are bound to do you some good. What would they be?

Well, for starters there is using your precious time wisely, checking in with yourself to see if you are making full use of your lifetime, or are you stalling or delaying something important, for instance. Are you lazing around waiting for something to come to you, or are you resting in between big moments to which you are giving your full attention? There is a difference.

dozing-time-1515529-639x852Deborah is getting rather good at discerning the difference. When she needs to rest, she does. When she can’t think of anything to do, she gets lazy and vegges out in the front of the TV. Yet, there is so much for her to do and she knows this. We have much work for her to do, and there is all of life out there waiting and burgeoning for her to get involved with. So what is the problem? She is getting clearer about this and realizes resting is good, but vegging out maybe isn’t. At least not for too long. You begin to see what we are getting at? Think of the space you and your mind inhabit between intervals of higher connection, which we are hoping you can get to more and more frequently, as a kind of wilderness just for you to figure how you want things to be. Not unlike your ancestor brethren. They made a new life out of the wilderness wherever they could and it was something they wanted to do. Not everyone wanted to, but you get our point. So you, similarly, could be doing this. Making a new home or preparing the ground for the home you want in your thoughts and in your actions each day. It’s as simple as that. We want for you to see the fruits of your actions each day, and to realize the fruition of your dreams, too.

If wilderness sounds too remote, remember that it is in the supposedly unknown that so much is discovered. You must want to go out and see what can happen each day and what you are capable of. That is a relative unknown to many of you, yet you worry about the unknowns of any wilderness.

We think all is known in advance by you, by simply applying the principle of love and caring to each thing that you do, and to extrapolate from there how we love and care for you. When you feel loved and cared about, you are confident. You can do no wrong and you can do wonders. Well, that is what we are driving at here. We wish all that for you. So why not turn a wilderness, that time between the special moments of your life, into something you can work into or grow ever MORE special moments until they become the norm, and until you no longer have to think much about them. You are already THERE, enjoying and making the most each moment of your life.

Wishing you all luck and adventure in your journey, and your new finds, and new lands … transforming that wilderness, yet opening up your life in the process.  Your teachers

The Teachers: “If We Were There with YOU.”

Again, we do not mean that we are not there with you in spirit. How could that be? We are not in your physical realm, but we inhabit it by our wishes, our dreams of you, and our ability to communicate with you. Do you understand? How could we write this down or work through Deborah in so doing, if this were not true? My children, you must always be asking yourself this. How could these words be coming to you otherwise?

If you doubt and imagine that Deborah is making all this up, then you must think she surely has nothing else to do. Do you think she has hours and hours in each day to spend perpetrating some kind of hoax on you? Surely, with all that she has done and achieved, her fine degree and long years of study and work, she has more to do with her time, than simply write down what we ask her to say, unless she believes in us , too, and wants to uplift the human race as we do. That is a tall order. It simply cannot be done using falsehoods, innuendo and persuasion. It cannot pander to your baser goals or to mass thinking in any way. No, it must uplift and help you in material, seen, and felt ways. In other words, you must be able to register what we are teaching and the value of it to you and quite simply, the truth of it. Now, how shall that be brought about by falseness? Isn’t it nice to know that you can count on something? That you can count on us? Imagine the smiles and love of your children. Is that false? You know something real when you are in front of it, so to speak. And we are in front of you, my children. Know us by our words and the outcomes you experience. We love you.

Now, if we were there with you physically expressed in your realm … say we were neighbors of yours … how do you think we would function? Would we be out mowing the lawn? Would we be throwing barbecue parties? Would we be walking our pets down the street? Now would we? We think we might love to do that, but more importantly we would be working with resolve and faith to bring about a better experience with you all. We would be casting our thoughts outward to our Higher Power and asking that we all be blessed. We would look for signs of that, and we would celebrate each one. We would expect to receive all that we are asking for materially and spiritually. Like you, we would or could expect no less. It would make NO difference WHO we are, but that we are using and applying the principles we are teaching you, as we were taught before you. Never doubt that learning and teaching go on and on forever. That is how it works. When you get into the swing of that … when you get into the perpetuity of things, it really does change your perspective. It is so much more than “You can’t take it with you.” It is: “Why would you not want to take THAT with you?”  In other words, why are you not working on a life and set of experiences that you can really take with you, that you can pack along with you, if you like? 

We have talked of backpacks in our work. We help equip yours so you can be successful all your physical years through. But you must do some of the work, and fill up your own reserves, so to speak. You must equip yourself through your own actions and your own thoughts. And that “equipment” serves you well through all your experiences there and beyond. Now that is an investment worth making. Trust us. We would not lie to you. 

So back to our scenario of us as your neighbors. Well, we are already that. We dwell so close to you. That is what we mean when we say: “We are with you now.” We really are.  Yet, were we to be physically seen in your neighborhood, we would look a lot like you. You would like our smiles and our friendliness, and you would notice we can get preoccupied when we hear news of devastating events. For we are praying and sending out thoughts of assistance to others in trouble and turmoil. Yes, and we
poppy-girls-1160544-640x960would be blessing each and every one of you who respond in your hearts and with physical assistance, too. We would be celebrating all that we are, and joining in lots of celebrations wherever we could. We would vault our thoughts out to the heavens, so to speak, to bring back a trough of riches to enjoy in our physical experience… riches of experience, comfort and joy, and most important, benefit to others, as one cannot prosper alone. It is a net effect and we are ALWAYS united in all that we do. So that if one prospers, we all do. If one is denied or abused then we all are. It takes a while for everyone to get that all of you expressed as humanity are working on it. Trust us. There is a way to go, as you no doubt know.

Now that is a quick snapshot of our life as your neighbors, just down the road. How do you know we are aren’t among you right now? Can you tell goodness,  belief, and faith when you come across it? Can you tell a heart that is united with others, that seeks to do good for the benefit of others, when you come across it? If yes, then what do you do? Think them a simpleton, or do you take their measure, so to speak, and decide to be more like them in those essential elements? You extend a willing heart of camaraderie and joyful welcome to them. You recognize them, and in so doing, allow yourself to see itself, and how it can be for you. You can rocket to more at any time, and you are not a stamp of anyone else, yet you can and must learn from the experiences of others in order to succeed. That is paramount. 

Now we are adroitly mixing into this topic an introduction to our next book: Pinnacle: The Resolve to Succeed.  You must learn HOW to succeed if you are ever to do so. And that takes RESOLVE, as our book shall show. We are embarking on writing it now through Deborah, and we will connect you to its evolution as we go along here. We hope you enjoy that. In any way we can demonstrate how we work, and what our intentions are. That is what we are all about. So helping you to understand the evolution of a new work, how it is expressed, and comes into being, can assist with that we think. And you are the beneficiary of all that in that you can read the work in its entirety when complete. What a delicious outcome!   We hope you enjoy.  With love and best wishes to you in this day and for always. Your teachers.

The Teachers: “Why We Aren’t There.”

sun-clouds-1316420-640x480For many of you confused by the title, in fact we really ARE, and shall always BE, but we just aren’t where YOU are. There is a difference.

Were we to materialize, we think you would be in for quite a shock. We are many, and we sometimes use the word legion to describe our sheer numbers! Now, when we come to be of aid to you, we are not looking for weakness, sickness or infirmity of any kind, though we greatly love you all and ANY of you who are feeling challenged or come specially equipped in any way.

What we seek quite simply are those of you who are asking. When you ask, you are answered. So we answer. That is our primary work and goal, if you will, to answer your asking. Now, that must seem elementary or even simplistic to you, but it is everything to us! For you see, the world turns on your asking. When you ask about something… “Why is such and such happening? What will happen to me? What will happen to those I love? Where do I go after I die?… well, that ignites us into action, you could say. We are nothing without you and your asking. We exist, you might think of us, to help YOU.

Now how did we get that way and where are we anyway? That is not easy to answer and especially as we often have to pierce through the skepticism we encounter on your side of things. That is not a bad thing, but can be an onerous task to take on, to pierce or penetrate through your doubt, anxiety and sometimes rage. Your skepticism and cynicism are mighty blocks, too. That is what YOU bring to the table. Not all of you, of course, but indeed many of you.

We must work extra hard to be heard by you and to get through to you. You often credit yourself with your good sense and ideas that flow through to help you, and think well of yourself for having gotten out of some jam or other, as we like to put it. But that jam is not so sweet, is it? Why are you in that jam, so to speak, in the first place? Are you listening to your inner voice, which is often us or one of your other helpers trying to get through? Are you raising your eyes to a higher plane and asking for help, even deliverance, from the place you have strayed to? We think not, in the main, unless you are pressed to do so, and if circumstances become truly difficult. That is where we come in, and come to the rescue, you might say.

Deborah is beginning to recognize our pattern, when we are intervening and when we are reaching out to her to get her to consider another course of action. Well, that we do for you, too. We keep ourselves fairly busy as you can imagine, responding to your asking and wondering. In that sense, as children when you wondered how God could hear you all, you were right; it IS a challenge, but my children it is still possible.

Deborah can vouch for us, as she hears us clearly all the day through,.always at her side helping and inspiring her to achieve the things she wants. And what she wants is now what we want, for we are working so closely together to bring you this good news, and this simple, beautiful philosophy. Please do explore it and get to know it and let it become your best friend, aiding and helping you each day throughout your life. Read our books, and do check out our soon-to-be-published: VERDANT: The Greening of Your Prosperity.

So where are we? We have left our bodies or have transitioned out of them, as we write about in our books. There is no fear there and we urge you to Be Not Afraid in anything that you do or experience. Transitioning to the hereafter is one of those matters in which we ask you to trust and be not afraid. All is revealed to you then, and you are so happy to be reunited with all whom you have loved and the better higher part of yourself and your faith, so to speak. It all comes together then, my friend. And that is where WE are, not so very far away, but clearly distinct from you in that we have no bodies but nevertheless have our minds, if you will, and our hearts and our souls. How could we be without those? For they tag along with you eternally. And you will like that. No, we are really not so different from you.

We have achieved much learning and acquired much wisdom which we unreservedly want to share with you, and love to share with you each and every day. Sometimes our words seem archiac and maybe even hard to understand, but we have been around a long time and want to bring some of our own vocabulary into the picture to help bolster and illustrate some of our messages and meanings. And some of these meanings can be foreign if not also hard to grasp by you.  So words added in from other times in history, and other places and occasions can add interest and may help you to understand what, although should not be complicated, is far for you to reach in your understanding. Why is that? Because you have strayed so very far away from where you came from in the first place, and where you belong all your life through and where you are going to as you transition. So we draw you closer towards us, drawing you back to your origins, so to speak, and your place in things. And you will like that place. For you are like a king or queen, adored and pampered by us, and all those around us. For we know your real heart, and we know what you are best capable of, and we are ever leading you toward that place. Now that is a wonderful miracle of sorts, isn’t it?

We aren’t in the business of miracles, but we are as if a miracle. Try to understand what we are driving at here. WE are as if a miracle. So why do you look for miracles when we are here around you, so to speak, and we can provide that equivalency, if you wish? That is all really, and should be more than enough considering what you need and what causes you to flourish, and that is faith in something, whatever that is. And that you can find a lot of here, at any time, as we are “open all hours” as we write in our books. Why not check out our books and see what they can do for you? Then come to know us as others are coming to know us, and then we will not seem so far away but in your neighborhood, so to speak. That will be us appearing in a theater near you. We do hope you join us for the performance and the good times to come.

With love for all you are, and all you may be, given your willingness, heart and desire. We love you. We, your teachers.


thinking-the-sunset-1377151-638x422“For you are transitioning always, now and forever, but the autumn symbolizes it more intensely in many ways.”

From where we stand, All is Given. We are not here to play with you or to trivialize your lives or our work in any way. We are here for YOU. Can you grasp that? We know it is a difficult subject for many of you to reach outside of your comfort zones to realize that something more … much more, is out there. We would not lie to you. 

Now, we know that you worry at this time of year with your projects and preparations for children returning to school. We know that you cannot be everywhere at once, but once again we urge you and even nicely ask you (smiles) to consider what you are doing and why are you are doing it.

We love September and we think you do, too. For it is a season changer for many of you who reside in the north, for example, yet gives you cause to worry about the outcomes of so many things. Will it snow early? Will we have enough to pay the heating bill? Will we get away for a break during the winter? Will the holidays bring good things or stressful things? Will the spring dawn with me wishing I had done so much differently? We see you reflect so much of that in your annual list in January …  New Year’s resolutions. These are good ideas at the time but often wither on the vine, don’t they? Well, we would like to offer you something more at this time of year to perk you up and sort of keep you going. 


Ldream-landscape-1165904-640x480ast night we were as if in a dream. We dreamed that all humankind would be tolerant of each other and extend a helping hand wherever possible. That no stone would be left unturned to do a good deed and think a good thought. That each one of you understood how connected you are to each other. When you are fed, nourished and blossom, so do others. When you starve, so do others.  And vice versa my friends. That is true and will be true for all time. You cannot escape that.

So we dreamed of a better time and a better place, but the place we most want to enhance is where you stand now. This is where all the sweetest dreams are. They lie under your feet, so to speak, like rich greening grass that springs below your feet and wants to grow and moves you forward softly and gently buffering your steps. Why don’t you take advantage of all there is out there to help you in your journey? Why can’t our dreams come true? What holds you back, and what are you looking for instead? We have witnessed far too much selfishness, grabbing at straws, hurting each other, and planning to do yet more hurt or damage to each other. So we ask, what is in it for you? Do you think you succeed at something in circumstances where no one can truly succeed? What is success anyway but knowing how to live, and then to live. and we mean truly live, not in half light, and not in anxiety and worry, but truly live. That is what we offer you, if you have the ears to hear and eyes to see this.

We know that you worry, and we know that you pine. How could we not see that? Though we haven’t eyes, we are not blind. We see all that you are, and very importantly, all that you can be. Now why don’t you follow our few steps provided and loving advice given and move into the life you came to experience? We just don’t get why you don’t do this. We have sent our emissaries and Deborah is one. How she walks with you! Her pain is yours and you would resonate with her pain, we promise. She understands what is to have sadness, confusion, fear and anxiety yet she stands before you ready to carry the flag of truth and connect you to it through our messages which flow through her. Don’t let another day pass where you don’t know how to live or what to live for. What a waste! Let’s join hands and see what we can accomplish together … that would be worlds, my friend, …. worlds indeed!

Our simple, beautiful philosophy is given to you as a great gift uniquely and lovingly designed to come to YOU in just the right way, so that you can hear and read what we mean, and how we love and care for you. We hope you will never want to stop reading it once you have started. Bless you on this day that you came to read this. Let this light open your eyes, your heart and your new awareness, and of coming things that will bless you yet more!  We, your teachers.



meadow-1405356-639x424What have you accomplished in the season you are in?

As August edges toward September and thoughts turn to fall, we would like you to apply your resources to thinking about what you have or are accomplishing in this season. You have many resources open to you such as insight, inspiration, knowing and hope to get you underway. You also have us helping you to know what is best for you, and to sort of nudge you along to those things. So what are YOU doing about it?

Each season has its blooms and many fruits. It does not matter where you are, in the south, north, east or west,. There will always be something blooming somewhere, and you can always find something blooming near you, whether inside or outside. How will you stop this dynamic? It’s everywhere around you: birth and rebirth, bloom and fruit, wither and rebirth. Now, are we making our point? How are YOUR blooms, and what fruit are YOU bearing?

Deborah: “As I write it down, I know I am home.”

The Garden of Philosophy
There are lots of philosophical perspectives and I’ve enjoyed studying them, but which do we choose for guidance? And how do we know when we are “home?”

Journey notes: As I think we all would agree that our world is rich with perspectives, you might ask how does one choose what philosophy, teaching or religion to study and find the guidance you are seeking?  Many perspectives I have studied have been pivotal to my experience, growth and understanding. Yet, now I am engaged in the greatest work of my life to write and speak for teachers who are bringing a Simple, Beautiful Philosophy to all humanity. It is so compelling–so profound and life transforming– that it is the philosophy  I wish to follow. As I write it down, I know I am home. 

This philosophy is being given at a time and in a way that is simple, engaging and holds beautiful truths for those who are seeking it.  It re-introduces, extends and bolsters undertandings that have been articulated and/or written down elsewhere and in other times in our history. I am learning that the truth of it is evident and unimpeachable. 

Yet some have asked me, what happens when you come across teachings or philosophy that may be at variance?  


hand-s-dialog-1240948-639x941On the surface of most things is that which is observable, apparent or fairly easy to discern. But you were designed to look deeper and literally propel yourself forward into your experience; thus actuating yourself. We are asking you to find the handle, knob or whatever you choose to call it, to make this happen.

Manufacturing your outcomes

Have you thought about the word, “manufacture.” It originates from the term “to make by hand.” So we ask, what do YOU turn your hand to? What will you MAKE of your experience and your opportunities? For you see, you are  only a footfall away from what is coming into your experience next, and it could be wonderful or less than wonderful. That is up to you. Yet it is not arbitrary as so many of you think.

What is arbitrary or chance?

What is arbitrary around you? Do you think trees grow arbitrarily, for example, or that they do not seek out a place to root, grow and sustain themselves? Perhaps it is the seed doing the “thinking,” or perhaps it is mother tree and all the trees in the woodland who help with that decision or intention, yet it is far from arbitrary.

You must not ascribe so much power to what you call CHANCE. For we defy you to find things that are truly attributable to chance, unless you want to describe how YOU apply your free will. We mean this tongue in cheek, but our intentions to assist you and draw attention to this are very serious indeed. 

Deborah: “Asking For Guidance”

shoe-carrier-1433922-639x852Another title for this post is SHOES ON THE WATER.  I think it is a kind of parable.

Field Notes – Before commencing my story about SHOES and WATER, let’s reflect for a moment. We have only to ask for guidance and it will come … it will be ours. In my experience, most people I have asked about this say that they ask for guidance at times, although perhaps not often enough. It doesn’t seem to matter what their faith perspective is. Perhaps this is something native, a knowledge that there IS guidance, if we reach out for it.

Guidance, in my experience comes in many forms. For me it is a genuine and simple knowing or inward “hearing” that a next step should be such and such. I can elect to take it or not. When I don’t, I feel a concern brewing in me that I may be taking steps or actions that could divert the outcome I truly seek. When I do heed or follow the guidance given, the suggestions seem to answer perfectly the situation AS IT UNFOLDS or plays out.That is what for me is the truest marvel about it: it hasn’t even happened yet, but is about to unfold, and it unfolds perfectly as if a whole stage crew were behind the scenes making it happen. I am reminded that our teachers say that our lives are to feel more like happy times at a fair, and not sad, disappointing or full of turmoil. They can see around corners for us and determine what steps will bring about the best outcome, bearing in mind that the very best outcome involves a benefit to others, too. Watch this play out. You get what YOU desire in your heart and OTHERS are benefited along the way. I enjoy watching this unfold. It’s all the confirmation I need.

I simply ask: “Please guide me.”