Curse on all laws but those which love has made!

I can teach you guitar.


He gained renown through the novel.

Is it not black?

We're not evacuating.


Lievaart stuck a handwritten sign on the door.


Stephe climbed the ladder.

We miss you and are really looking forward to you being here.

I'm not being unrealistic.

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The project is now in progress.

Give me some beer.

Dylan earns $300,000 a year.

Raanan escaped from jail through a tunnel.

Is there something you haven't told me yet?

My mother is very hard to please.

The friends kissed each other on the cheek.

Please show me your passport.

You've underestimated him.

Marilyn asks me the same questions every time he sees me.

I didn't even serve dessert yet.


We go to Boston as often as we can.

Why is this only in French?

Hy is the only one who doesn't have a computer.

If I had known it was going to bother you, I wouldn't have done it.

He said to me, 'Let's eat out tonight.'


Supper is ready.


She sets your world alight.

That boy showed no fear.

I still don't have an answer.

I highly recommend her.

Rajiv was horrified when he noticed that his daughter had had her tongue pierced.


I've got a better one.

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The earthquake caused widespread damage.

He knows too much.

She likes wine.

Pete, what are you doing up in that tree?

I thought you might've left town.

Ernie doesn't dare to open his mouth.

Kirk is powerful.

Can you manage alone this weekend?

That truck is not transporting what people think.

You can tell a mile away.

I recognized her.

Joyce's uncomfortable with close personal relationships.

That made me think of you.

She showed him my picture.

They take their meals at the hotel.

I think I might join you, but I haven't decided yet.

A fire broke out in my neighborhood last night.

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Play is really the work of childhood.

We ordered some new books from abroad.

The train will arrive on time.


As a rule, I prefer people who deal with matters of this kind directly with those involved.

I guess I just realized how stupid I would look if I did that.

I got my six-pack by working out in the gym.

What's going on out here?

I need to go feed the chicken.


I got your messages.

He puts up with these terms.

How soon does the show begin?


Raghu likes to sing in the shower.


My friend studies Korean.

It looks like you were right.

This feels like real leather to me, no doubt about it.

My parents send you their best regards.

It is hoped that this new policy will create jobs on a large scale.

I thought he was stupid.

I see the tower from my house.

The bird had a broken wing.

Every person has the power to abuse their privileges.

I have a giant's strength to win your favor; but to lose you, none.

Walt was in a hurry so he left his breakfast only half eaten.

It will cost thirty thousand yen at the lowest estimate.

Talking of soccer, Neymar is the player of the moment.


What is the difference between Iaido and Kendo?

I'm just grateful none of my friends saw me with Toufic.

Bernie should be in tomorrow.

I couldn't afford it. In other words, I was too poor to buy it.

I wish I had more money with me.

I played with the computer.

Go straight ahead until you reach the church.

I deceived her.

I was writing a long letter.

Well, that's different.

We were captured.


I know what I'm supposed to do.

I thought you were going to be able to do it.

Why are you climbing this tree?

Her skin is white like snow.

Sometimes people can know each other too well.

Give her a minute.

The photograph is on the USB stick.

At last Souichiro and Yukino decided to cut the orange in half.

Meditation doesn't cost anything, but it takes time.

They'll build a house.

Who's your favorite character in this book?

You need money.

The door will lock automatically when you go out.

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When Sony came back with a 2 billion bid, CBS could not refuse.

She said: "I'm very happy."

Nobody believed Sharon.

The Galapagos Islands giant tortoise known as Lonesome George is dead.

These lilies smell lovely.

That is my father's first letter.

I don't know how it happened, but it was obviously meant to be.


Where do babies come from?


He's a loose cannon.

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We have safety deposit boxes.


Mexican desperadoes during the early twenties were usually armed to the teeth with stolen firearms and ammunition.

Is there a problem with this?

I love talking to people.

The rapid growth of the country has a lot to do with the characteristics of the people.

Olaf talked with his friends about it.


Could you tell what he said?

I really hope you can come.

The clock says two.

My car needs a brake job.

Who was the female you were talking to?


I'm not making this up!

If you could do that for me, I'd appreciate it.

Playing tennis is fun.

Life is good here.

Ramanan is more talented than I am.

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It is dark in that room.


He stared a hole through her.

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Eli's speech was convoluted and disjointed and was very hard to follow.

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Moore took his shirt off.

Here. Take this with you. It might come in handy.

I like this song.

Perhaps I could come back.

You're being too modest.

This showy dress isn't appropriate for me.

Please revise regularly every day.

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I've lived here thirty years.

Take whatever you need.

Let me dance with you.

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I should have never married.

I cannot set a trap here. It's forbidden to hunt.

I loaned Daryl all my money.

Aimee and Herb are no longer together.

He is twelve years old. He is tall for his age.

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I won't cook for you.

I know you were afraid.

I shared a room with him.

After the fight, they lost contact entirely.

In the end, she moved back to England.

You look good.

Farmers are always at the mercy of the weather.

That needs to be corrected.

How many websites do you visit per day?

They went to Germany, France and England.

We've been on a roll.


Is her father a teacher?

He doesn't know what's going on.

It was the bad weather that caused his illness.


Amos paid for dinner.

At your age, you try to act like a young man.

Now notebook computers are as common as lunch boxes.

Ramanan is waiting for the ferry.

I'm sorry I said anything.


Can anything be done for him?

This is designed especially for young people.

She will start for Kyoto the day after tomorrow.


It's because I missed my usual train.

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Mr. Ogawa is familiar with this neighborhood.